render test

for every shot, we set a lot of layers in order to get better effect for compositing. Such as, character layer, depth layer, light-fog layer, AO layer, Background layer, normal layer and motion blur layer. we used nuke to composite. we never use nuke before, this time for us is a big challenge, but after watching a lot of tutorials of nuke, we realised nuke is a great composite software in the world, it also has a lot of function that is easy to use, especially, grade node (a good node of editing color, much better than photoshop’s level honestly) right now, though many times test, we can use nuke expertly, here are some layers and capturing picture from our making process.

render layers



lightfog nor_cha normal occMasterBeauty

the third character

we re-designed the this character after getting feedback from Shelly Page, she said, if only a toy plays with a human, it does not make a sense, because the toy is not alive. she advised us, if you changed to a cute robot, it would be much better than a toy. here is our new character, a cute robot.fuzzy(1) fuzzy_colored Image converted using ifftoany Image converted using ifftoany Image converted using ifftoany 01 working in Zbrush 02 sculpt in Zbrush 03 sculpt in Zbrush 04 sculpt in Zbrush 05 sculpt in Zbrush 06 polypaint in Zbrush


the making process of scene

it has taken our a long time of making the scene, because of so many props in it and hundred of textures including bump map and specular map and making models UV. Currently, we have finished all the scene modeling with texture. we are doing the outside building models now. so here are some pictures we captured while making.

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